Coastal Area Private Tour

Coastal Area Private Tour

Remains of Herod's palace in Caesarea along a coastal area private tour

The starting point of a Coastal Area private tour may be either Tel Aviv or somewhere in the north of Israel, and we can go about it north-south or vice versa. Along this 2.5-hour stretch of road, leading from of Tel Aviv north up to Israel's border with Lebanon, we can visit the following places:


Caesarea is located about 45 minutes north of Tel Aviv. Built 2000 years ago from scratch by Herod the Great as his capital, Caesarea remains one of Israel's most impressive and popular archaeological sites. It is a multi-purpose site, with a visitor center, shops and restaurants, and remains from the Roman, Byzantine and Crusader periods.

On the way we come to the Carmel Mountain and the port city of Haifa, Israel's 3rd largest town. We will drive up the mountain and take in the breathtaking scenery from the top of the Bahai Hanging Gardens, overlooking the city and the harbor, all the way to the Lebanese border. On our way down we'll also make sure to pass by a couple of more places for you to get a good look at the gardens from all angles. Other options to add in and around Haifa might be the Carmelite monastery of Stella Maris, dedicated to Virgin Mary, and the Horn of Carmel monastery, dedicated to Prophet Elijah.

Across the bay from Haifa lies the ancient port city of Akko, with a mix of Turkish and Crusader buildings - one on top of the other! In Akko we can walk around the Arab bazaar and ancient port, scale the sea ramparts, and visit the Knights Halls, buried under the old Turkish fortress. We can also walk through the secret underground tunnel that was used by the knights Templar.

Finally, perched under the cliffs at the edge of the Israeli coastline, is Rosh Hanikra. Here we take a short, steep cable-car ride to reach a chain of natural sea grottoes, created by thousands of years of the sea crashing against the soft rock. This is a quick, easy and safe walk among the caves, and a great lookout over the whole northern coast.


Odds and Ends

For the Coastal Area private tour, lunch options are great and many. Both Caesarea and Haifa have diverse restaurants, and Akko has delicious Arab food and seafood restaurants.

Any item in this Coastal Area Private Tour can be changed or removed, and other items can be added at your preference.