Masada and Dead Sea Private Tour

Masada and Dead Sea Private Tour

A young man floating on the tranquil waters of the Dead Sea

We will probably start the Masada and Dead Sea private tour with a steep descent from Jerusalem through the Judean Desert - diving 3600 feet in about 40 minutes - ears will pop!

On the way we can drop by the little rest stop, marking the altitude of Sea Level, where a local Bedouin offers quick rides and photos-ops on his impressive camel, named Shooshi. 

From there we will continue our descent to the bottom of the Jordan Valley, and drive along the shore of the Dead Sea. We'll talk about desert agriculture, geography, hydrology and geology of this great tectonic fault line, and witness the devastating ecological effects of the receding shoreline.

Arriving at the visitor center at the foot of Mount Masada, we'll leave the car and climb up - either by cable car or by foot. There, we'll visit the remains of the impressive palaces King Herod built to serve as refuge in times of need, and uncover the dramatic story of the Jewish rebels who settled there, and their hopeless fight against the Romans.

If going up the mountain is not possible for any reason, I recommend visiting the excellent museum in the visitor center. If you'd like, we can also afford some time here to visit the factory shop of the famous AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics brand, and then return to the car, to drive to the beach.

At the beach there are changing rooms, and lockers and towels for rent. Enjoy covering yourself in rich mineral mud and then wash it off in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea

Additional activities for Masada and Dead Sea private tour may include:

  • A water hike in the wonderful Ein Gedi oasis nature reserve, where fresh cool water springs forth from the mountain, into a series of waterfalls and shallow pools, surrounded by vegetation and wild animals in the heart of the desert.
  • A visit to the Qumran Archaeological Park, where we'll learn about the sect of semi-monks who lived there, and may or may not have had dealings with John the Baptist. In the caves above the deserted little village, the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
  • It is also possible to upgrade the beach visit, and go to one of the private beaches belonging to 5 start hotels at the southern part of the Sea, where you can enjoy improved water access and spa facilities.

All the sites on the Masada and Dead Sea private tour require entrance fees.

Any item in this private tour can be changed or removed, and other items can be added at your preference.