Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Posing in front of the Shrine of the Book with the Schaffs


Schaff Family – – UK, October 2018

“Dear Shira,

Thank you for being our guide, and our friend, on this long-awaited trip to Israel. Truly memorable!

May all your "queues" for Temple Mount be so short!

With best wishes and love,

Alistair & Leona"

Kearns family having lunch on my tour


Kearns Family – – USA, June 2018 (via Israel My Way)

“Dear Shira - Thank you for helping our family fall head over heels in love with Israel! We will always remember this incredible trip - in large part because of our interactions with you. Thank you for bringing your A+ game to your work with us. We have all learned so very much. I look at my photos each night and I savor all the memories we've made each day. You have definitely found your calling - we feel blessed that our lives intersected this week.

Todah! Lisa Kearns"

"Shira, thank you for making our first trip to Israel so memorable! We have learned so much and have had a great introduction to the history, people and culture of this great state.

All the best, "

"Dear Shira, thank you for a truly immersive and wonderfully informative tour of Israel these last few days. I was impressed with how much you clearly love this country and care about accurately portraying its history and culture. Our whole family, I'm sure, came away with a love for this place we previously didn't fully appreciate, and we have you to credit for that. Thanks for being a central piece in some amazing new memories.


"Dear Shira, thank you for being such an informative and impressive tour guide. We were amazed with all the information you were able to share and taught us so creatively we remembered it all. Thank you for sharing your love of this beautiful country - we have all come away forever changed  (and much smarter!). We are so grateful for everything you have done for our family.

Love, Audrey."

"Dear Shira, you get 50,000 points! Thank you so much for making this trip so informative and fun. I have loved every second of this adventure and it wouldn't have been the same without you. You made us laugh, ohh and aah, and never stop smiling. My personal favorite adventure was the tunnels and I think it was very kind of you to do it even with being a little claustrophobic. Everything has been so interesting and exciting and I can't wait to return to Israel; I'll make sure to ask for you as our guide again! My return may be delayed many years, but there is always something wrong with those flights!! 🙂

Love, Ellie and the Kearns family."

A selfie of Dexter and myself


Raquel and Dave Donchey – – USA, May 2018

“Dear Shira,

You have given us an education in the history of this rich and complex, and wonderful country. We have truly enjoyed this time in Israel and it would not have been the same without you. Thank you very much. We are forever grateful.

May God bless you and Keep you and Shine his light upon you.

Raquel and Dave.

P.S. You get all the points for your excellent driving skills. Great job. You win!!! xoxo"

JCRC Mission of NY State Assembly farewell photo

NY State Assembly Challenge Coin

JCRC Mission – – NY State Assembly, Feb 2018

“Dear Shira,

Thank you so much for the outstanding services you provided to the Feb 2018 NYS Assembly - JCRC Mission to Israel. Your knowledge and love of Israel was very evident and you communicated that and more to all of us. We are truly grateful for all that you did for and shared with us during our stay.

Toda Rabba,

The Members of the Delegation.”

Smiling 3 generations of Gordon family with the myself photobombing the shot, on top of Messada

Gordon Family – – NY, Dec 2017

“Dear Shira,

Thank you for helping to make our family trip to Israel informative and exciting. This was a family vacation that we will never forget. We will always treasure the memories.

With our good wishes to you and your family, for a healthy, happy and peaceful new year.

The Gordon Family.”

Posing in Haifa port's parking lot before saying goodbye to Portnoy, Wilner & Rosenblatt

Portnoy, Wilner & Rosenblatt – – Florida, Nov 2017

“Dear Shira,

We want to thank you for the wonderful experience that you provided us on our three days touring Israel. Your ability to provide us with information, stories and to be flexible was most welcome. We are meeting with our Rabbi who recommended Mabat Tours to show him pictures and information. We will provide him with your information, should any others ask for a tour guide recommendation from him. Should you and your husband ever visit Florida, our home is always open to you.
Ivan and Joyce Portnoy”

Charnas Family and myself in Jerusalem

Charnas Family – – Cleveland/Florida/NYC, Dec 2016

(E-mail address for referrals available upon request)

“Shira, Shalom! We just wanted to say thank you again for being an amazing tour guide. Your provided us with important knowledge and experiences that helped to make our trip memorable, special and fabulous. You provided a perfect balance to meet the needs of our multi-age family and made each and every moment fun. We hope that you have a great journey to Sri Lanka and look forward to seeing your documentation on your blog-website. Wishing you well!

With Great Appreciation, Alyson, Alan, Noah, Zachary & Talia Charnas (and extended family too!)”

Guiding The Living Map

Engelman Family – – NY/Philadelphia, June 2015

(Excerpt from letter to travel agent)

“You provided us with a fabulous guide, Shira Elazary. 

She was extremely knowledgeable, energetic, consistently cheerful, related well to the teens, gave good advice about the day’s programs, and generally went above and beyond, whether it was teaching us Hebrew, showing relevant movies/playing Israeli music in the van, helping us purchase from Israeli vendors or lending her hat for a raft ride!”

Posing in front of the Knesset with the law student delegation by the American Jewish Committee

Yaa Sarpong – – USA, May 2015

(Law Student Delegation with the American Jewish Committee (AJC))

“Dear Shira,

Thank you so much for all your help with navigating our trip through Israel. I really appreciate your wealth of wisdom and new approach to this very old part of the world. I think our trip was so much better for your attention to detail and responsiveness to our needs. As I was still trying to process much of what I was learning about this region on the trip, I’m sure we didn’t get to have as honest of conversations, but I hope that can change in the future.

All the best! Yaa.”

Jesus Trail Group overlooking Sea of Galilee

Daniel & Sandy Garza – – Houston, TX, March 2015

“What a blessing you have been for Sandy and I.

Sincere thanks for sharing your knowledge, time and spirit.”

Group selfi with Jack & Suzie Katri

Jack & Suzie Katri – – USA, February 2015

“We had Shira Elazary as our Guide, she was amazing, her knowledge, smile, enthusiasm about Israel history and current situation was amazing, amusing and really enjoyable.
Shira was great in so many ways, she did anything and everything we asked for, simple or hard she took care of it …. Shira is one of their better guides.”

Guiding the Goldberg Family over a model of Acco Fort

Goldberg Family – – USA, December 2014

“Shira –

Thank you so much! You were the perfect guide – informative, interesting, social and fun. We have years ahead to reflect on this great experience.”

Group photo of myself and Rena Shlomo's Birthright trip on top of Messada

Rena Shlomo – – USA (Birthright), 2014

“Shira is very knowledgeable about many, many areas of Israel.

As my tour guide on my birthright trip in the summer of 2013, Shira taught me soo much about Israel and tied in other lessons to apply to life as well. She is a hard worker and a great planner. I feel so lucky to have had her as my group’s lead tour guide. Thank you Shira, for an unforgettable trip!!!”


Guiding the Murrays in Beit Shean Archaeological Park

Lorena A – – Spain, 2014

“Shira is incredibly talented and passionate professional. She will make your stay in Israel an unforgettable and unique experience.”



Guiding a Bible reading outside the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fish

Mildred Ayala – – USA, 2014

“Shira es fabulosa muy profecional en su trabajo ,excelente comunicadora, experta en la historia pasada y presente de su bello pais. La recomiendo 100%…..habla y entiende español. Excelente.”

("Shira is fabulous, very professional at her job, excellent communicator, an expert in the past and present history of her beautiful country. I recommend her 100%..... She speaks and understands Spanish. Excellent.")



Group photo of David Jordan's Jesus Trail group and myself

David Jordan – – USA, 2014

“Shira did a great job for us, both with a small hiking tour of ten, as well as a larger bus group of twenty-eight. She is fun, knowledgeable, flexible – and was well liked by all our folks. I highly recommend her.”



Guiding Shai's Birthright group in front of a waterfall

Shai Noznisky – – USA (Birthright), June 2014

"Shira, you could make a guided tour through my apartment seem interesting."



Guiding an AJC delegation in Tel Aviv

Michigan U. School of Business – – USA, March 2014

"Shira. Thank you for your time this week and for leading us on two great tours across Israel. Our team thoroughly enjoyed all of the history lessons and sightseeing - this is truly an amazing place.

Everyone yesterday was very pleased with the tour, discussion, and commentary. Shira, you are a wonderful guide and representative of the culture, history, and beauty of Israel. Everyone on all of the tours so far would love to see more of Israel with you."



Myself with Tomoaki Naganawa's Jesus Trail group

Tomoaki Naganawa – – Japan, March 2013

"Dear Shira,

To begin with, you were the excellent guide of our long-awaited trekking of the Jesus Trail. We had the luck of retaining you. Five ladies members in particular of our group were very interested in the Israeli flowers and plants in the wild fields in March. You would recollect that they kept making shots constantly while hearing your talks and trekking. I found very interesting in such naming as “Eyes of Rachael”, “Bloods of Maccabees”, “Juda’s Trees” which large tall trees in their full bloom in pink we found in Jerusalem.

We enjoyed thoroughly our visit to Zippori including underground water reservoir, Horns of Hattin of the battle of Saradin vs the Crudaders, crossings of stream wadis, among others. Of course the most challenging was the descending of the Mr. Arbel cliff face under your impeccable guidance.

We watched many many times the beautiful scenery of the cliffs of Mr. Arbel and Mt. Nitai with Horns of Hattin in between while we stayed in Galilee for four days.

When you come to Japan, be sure to let me know so that I can show you around Kyoto and Nara, among others,

With our deep gratitude to you."

Guiding a URJ Birthright group

Ursula & Andreas – – Switzerland, March 2013

"Over all, it was a great tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Shira is an extremely well prepared and a very friendly person. She gave us a lot of information, not only basics, and documented her profound explanations with lots of graphs and photos. Despite the packed programme we never had the impression that there is "no time". The meal at the restaurant in Jerusalem was absolute great (Thanks Shira that you have guided us to this place)."

Facilitating a discussion on Birthright

Anna Sosa – – Israel, August 2012

"Dear Shira,

When my niece and her two kids came to Israel for a visit, I knew you would be the perfect guide to show them around Jerusalem. And I was right!

The kids still remember a lot from what you've taught them and my niece says they still talk about you. Even I learnd some new things.

Thank you for a great day and good luck!"